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 With today’s hackers finding more and more ways to attack your website, the question most of our clients ask is “How do we secure our website?” Finding the right plugins to secure your website and prevent hacking is a constant battle and is the first step in securing your website.

Here at Make Your Mark Web Design we use two security plugins that not only monitor and email you with hacking attempts, but they also block the IP addresses and harden down your website; Sucuri Security and Wordfence Security. Wordfence sends a monthly report of all the hacking attempts, the names they used to try and get in, and the country they’re attempting to hack from. Sucuri Security checks your website for malware as often as every three hours. They will also keep you updated on what plugins need updating and any file changes that were made. This is a great tool if you want to keep track of all the files being updated on their own.

One of the major keys to protecting your website is to update your plugins and themes. We check and update our plugins and themes on our clients websites daily. We go as far as to research new plugins to remove the old ones. Why do we remove old plugins? Simple….outdated plugins can give hackers access to your website.

If you think you have nothing on your website worth hacking, think again. You have stored information all over your website. They not only can steal your information, but also take your website completely over. Backing up your website often will help get your website back on track faster.

In a lot of cases when your website is attacked, if you have no backup copy you will have to start from scratch. One way to prevent hackers is to not use ADMIN in your usernames. Hackers will research your business using search engines, then take for instance your first name and add ADMIN to the end of it and attempt to guess your password repeatedly.


Another way is to have what is called a “bot” do this. One way to trick the bot is to have a captcha on your WordPress login screen. Bots are not able to read these captchas correctly, thus preventing them from hacking your website.

 Having a great password will also protect you. Try not to use anything that has to do with your name, personal information, or your business. To remember all these really great passwords, we suggest using a password keeper like 1 Password. It has been the easiest tool to keep all our passwords in order.

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