We are bunch of talented, experienced, fun folks based in the United States

We are a team of web design experts

Here at Make Your Mark Web Design, our team has the website solutions your business requires to customize a website design plan to suit your needs.

What makes us different?

We don’t just set up your website and wish you luck. We create professional websites that our clients can update themselves. Yes, you! You may not have the time to do it all, but your business is a part of you and no one knows it better than you. We work with you to become your online web design building team.  We can even help you decide what tasks you can handle in-house and get you started.

Your success is our success!

A website is like a Nascar engine or nature. They’re always evolving, always needing care and upkeep.

Greg Slocum- CEO

Meet Our Team

Our awesome products are made by these genius folks

  • Ashley Slocum
    Ashley Slocum Business Partner/Web Designer/
    Social Media Advisor/SEO Coordinator/
  • Greg Slocum
    Greg Slocum Business Partner

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